A GMP Detective Convicted of 20 Offences, Including Rapes and Child Sexual Offences

A shocking case has come to light, as a Greater Manchester Police (GMP) detective has been found guilty of 20 offences, which include multiple rapes and child sexual offences.

The trial, held at Liverpool Crown Court, concluded on 28th July 2023. The convicted individual is Stephen Hardy, born on 8th July 1977, who served as a detective constable within GMP’s Stockport Division. Currently, he is suspended from duty pending further action.

The investigation into DC Hardy began in June 2020, triggered by a courageous disclosure of his sexually abusive conduct. GMP officers launched a thorough inquiry, gathering substantial evidence that led to the charging of the detective with several offences in 2022. Notably, the offences were committed while he was off-duty, making the situation even more disturbing.

As this case highlights, the justice system remains committed to bringing those who abuse their positions of authority to account, ensuring that they face the full force of the law for their heinous actions.

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