Trafford Council deals a heavy blow to fly-tipping

A van has met its demise after being discovered by Trafford Council officers as the culprit behind illegal waste dumping. The van was caught on camera dumping waste on Manchester Road in Carrington four times last year. Despite efforts to identify the owner through DVLA checks, the van was found to be unregistered.

Following one of the incidents, council officers traced the van to the Partington area of Trafford with the help of CCTV. After locating the vehicle on Wood Lane, it was seized on 1 September under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Despite being in storage since then, no one has stepped forward to claim ownership, leading to the council arranging for its destruction on 22 February.

Cllr Stephen Adshead, Executive Member for Highways, Environmental, and Traded Services, issued a stern warning to potential fly-tippers, stating that the council will use all available powers to crack down on this behaviour. Those caught dumping waste illegally could face fines, imprisonment, and having their vehicles crushed. There is no excuse for such actions.

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