Stockport foster carers to be granted enhanced assistance after groundbreaking MOCKINGBIRD initiative expands

Stockport Council’s fostering service has unveiled its fifth MOCKINGBIRD family hub constellation, which aims to create an extended support network for foster carers and the young people they care for. The pioneering programme, funded by the Department of Education and led by The Fostering Network, is designed to replicate the support and relationships provided by an extended family. The constellation community offers peer support, guidance, social activities, and sleepovers to strengthen relationships and provide a sense of permanence. Stockport now has five constellations, each led by a hub carer who supports up to 10 satellite fostering families. The new constellation will be led by hub carers Pam and Rob, who will support eight families.

Pam and Rob expressed their excitement about their new role as Mockingbird hub home carers and celebrated the launch of the constellation where the fostering families and other hub carers gathered to meet and connect. Julia Graham, Stockport’s Lead for the MOCKINGBIRD Family Model, expressed her delight at Pam and Rob joining the Mockingbird Family and highlighted the success of the program in Stockport. Foster carers who are part of the Mockingbird Family Model in Stockport have praised the program, stating that it has reignited their passion for fostering and enabled them to care for more children.

Councillor Wendy Meikle, Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Education, commended the innovative foster program and welcomed the new hub carers. She emphasized the significant benefits that Mockingbird brings to foster carers and the children they care for, and highlighted the support and stability that an extended family group can provide. Stockport Council is part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority MOCKINGBIRD programme. Those interested in becoming a foster carer can contact the council’s fostering team for more information.

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