Stockport Council and its partners receive well-deserved nationwide acclaim

The LGC Awards 2024, organized by The Local Government Chronicle, have recognized the outstanding work of local government across the nation. Stockport has been privileged to be chosen as finalists in four categories. Additionally, Stockport Council and its partners have been shortlisted for the iNetwork Innovation awards 2023, specifically for their DigiKnow project in the Substantial Impact Award category. This project has shed light on initiatives and teams that have brought about significant transformation and excellence in public service delivery since 2014.

Councillor Mark Hunter, Leader of Stockport Council, expressed his delight at this fantastic news and commended the hard work of everyone involved. He is eagerly anticipating the results of both finals later this year.

Stockport Council has been nominated in several categories for the LGC awards, including Children’s Services, Small Team of the Year, Medium Team of the Year, and the Rising Star category. The submission for the Children’s Services category featured powerful testimonials from parents who have directly benefited from Stockport’s pioneering Family Drug and Alcohol Court. The impact of this court has been life-changing for many parents, who credit it with their personal growth and improved circumstances. The court’s collaborative approach has allowed more children to remain with their families, inspiring other councils to partner with Stockport as an alternative to traditional care proceedings.

The Small Team of the Year entry highlighted the unique nature of the Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation, the first of its kind in the country. This corporation has played a pivotal role in revitalizing Stockport town centre and addressing the housing crisis by promoting town centre living. Their innovative concept has gained national recognition, positioning Stockport as an attractive place to live and work.

The Medium Team of the Year category showcased the Events and Hospitality team’s creativity and dedication to making Stockport a premier destination for events and weddings in the North West. With top-quality customer service and a portfolio of award-winning venues, this team has doubled income targets and undergone a successful re-branding to reach new audiences. Their contributions are vital in making Stockport the best place to live and work.

Luke Green, Head of Capital Design and Technical Services, has been nominated in the Rising Star category for his outstanding commitment to improving the lives of Stockport residents. He has demonstrated his leadership skills during challenging situations, such as coordinating efforts to reopen schools after an emergency and securing significant funding for the borough. Luke’s award-winning project to refurbish the council offices has not only enhanced the working environment but also boosted colleague satisfaction. He embodies the values of the council and serves as an exemplary role model.

The next stage of the awards will involve each finalist giving a 25-minute presentation to a panel of judges in April. This will provide an opportunity to delve deeper into their submissions and answer questions from the panel.

The Innovation Awards 2023 celebrate and promote innovation within the local public sector and its partner organizations. Stockport’s Digital Inclusion Alliance, known as DigiKnow, has been shortlisted for the Substantial Impact Award. This initiative has helped over 47,000 individuals access the digital world and improve their digital skills. In an increasingly digital age, being offline can lead to social isolation and missed opportunities for support and savings on essential items. DigiKnow aims to bridge this digital divide and ensure that everyone in Stockport can benefit from the digital age.

The winners of both awards will be announced later this year, and Stockport Council and its partners eagerly await the results.

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