Salford Man Has Been Jailed After Police Found 15,000 Child Abuse Images

After police found almost 15,000 child abuse images, a man from Salford has been jailed. Carlos Calcano of Colman Gardens, Salford pleaded guilty to 23 charges including sexual communication with children, causing children to watch sexual acts, and inciting children to engage in sexual acts.

Calcano was sentenced to six years and ten months in prison at Manchester Crown Court. After examinations of his devices, police found a large amount of child sexual abuse images- 2,095 category A images, 1,210 category B images, and 11,687 category C images.

Detective Constable Ceri Martin, of GMP’s Sexual Crime Unit, said: “GMP officers viewed a vast amount of material in this case. These images included some of the most extreme images viewed by law enforcement. “

“Screen recording of his offending was uncovered and officers had to review over 48,000 of these recordings. The examination of his devices also exposed that at the time of viewing some of the most extreme child abuse images he was also communicating with young children and inciting children to commit sexual acts.”

“Greater Manchester Police Sexual Crime Unit targets those who are in possession of child sexual abuse images and are committed to catching these individuals and bringing them to justice. We work tirelessly with worldwide law enforcement developing and learning new tactics on a daily basis in a bid to tackle this depraved offending.”




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