Safeguard your loved ones against the measles outbreak

Public health officials in Bury are urging residents to prioritize their health and the health of their families by getting vaccinated against measles. Reports indicate that there has been an increase in measles cases across the nation, particularly among children and teenagers in specific communities. Worrisomely, Bury has seen a decline in the number of people receiving the MMR vaccine, which safeguards against mumps, measles, and rubella.

Recent data reveals that in 2022/23, only 83% of children in Bury had received both doses of the MMR vaccine by the age of 5, compared to 94% in 2014/15. Although vaccination rates have dropped throughout the region and country, Bury remains below the average.

In response to this concerning trend and a small number of measles cases, Bury Council collaborated with NHS partners to organize 30 catch-up clinics during July and August 2023. These clinics successfully vaccinated over 400 individuals, and additional clinics are scheduled for the future.

Councillor Nathan Boroda, cabinet member for adult care, health, and wellbeing, stressed the importance of vaccination, stating that while measles may be relatively mild for most, it can result in severe complications or even death for a minority. Hospitalization is required for approximately one in five individuals who contract measles.

To ensure optimum protection, it is recommended to receive two doses of the MMR vaccine, which provides over 95% effectiveness against measles. Collaborative efforts with partners are ongoing to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination, emphasizing that the MMR vaccine is available free of charge on the NHS regardless of age.

It is never too late to catch up on MMR vaccinations. Individuals are encouraged to contact their GP practice to verify their vaccination status or that of their children.

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