Romiley Precinct set to host cutting-edge £15m electric vehicle charging hub

Stockport locals have welcomed the arrival of their very first EV charging hub, marking a significant step in the borough’s ambitious plan to transform its electric transport infrastructure. The Romiley Stockport location boasts four charging bays, including two ultra-rapid chargers, one rapid charger, and one fast charger. These cutting-edge ultra-rapid chargers can add approximately 125 miles of range in just a quick 15-minute stop.

This exciting development is the result of a partnership between Stockport Council and Be.EV, which was formed through a £15 million deal signed in March of last year. Romiley is the first of 20 planned installations that Be.EV has committed to delivering, making Stockport a trailblazer in the electric vehicle revolution.

To celebrate the start of this partnership, Be.EV is offering its members 24 hours of free charging at the Romiley site. This state-of-the-art charging hub not only provides a convenient charging solution for EV drivers but also contributes to the local economy by attracting shoppers to the nearby high street.

Romiley’s strategic location, just 10 minutes away from the bustling M60 motorway with its daily traffic of over 83,000 vehicles, ensures that both commuters and visitors to the area can easily charge their electric vehicles while running errands or exploring local retailers. The chargers are open to anyone, with Be.EV members enjoying discounted rates. Furthermore, Stockport Council will receive a share of the revenue generated from these charge points, benefiting the local community.

This development also means that Stockport has become part of the largest public EV charging network in Greater Manchester, connecting communities across the UK. Be.EV takes pride in the reliability of its entire network, boasting an impressive 99.6% operational availability since its launch.

Be.EV has fully funded the installation, operation, and ongoing maintenance of the Romiley Precinct hub, providing a turn-key solution for Stockport Council. Council members have expressed their enthusiasm for this project, recognizing the importance of reducing emissions and combating climate change. The installation of more electric vehicle chargers aligns with the council’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2038.

Residents are equally excited about the new chargers, as they will have easy access to charging points in convenient locations. As the partnership progresses, more chargers will become available to Stockport residents in the coming months.

Asif Ghafoor, the CEO of Be.EV, commended Stockport Council for their forward-thinking approach in providing reliable ultra-rapid and rapid charging for residents without off-road parking. He also highlighted the positive impact of these charging hubs on local businesses and urged other councils to follow suit, recognizing the potential of such sites to simultaneously achieve net-zero transition goals and boost the economy.

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