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Rise In Antisemitic Incidents In Salford 

After a rise in antisemitic incidents in Salford, police have increased the number of PCs on patrol in the region. Officers say there is increasing hate crimes against Jewish people over the last week and officers are planning ” robust action” against any offenders.

Last weekend, four men were arrested in connection with antisemitic incidents in London and Salford. The Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that supports Jewish people in the UK by providing safety training and advice, has linked the rise in antisemitism to protests against Israel.

Dave Rich, director of policy at CST, said: “It is a depressingly familiar pattern that antisemitism rises whenever Israel is at war, but this does not make it any less disgraceful that British Jews are being threatened, harassed and abused.”

“The level of anger and hate that is directed at Israel always spills over into antisemitism at times like this and yet the people stoking this anger, online and on the streets, never take responsibility for this particular consequence.”

Chief Inspector Paul Coburn of GMP’s Salford district said:“Unfortunately, we have seen a recent increase in antisemitic incidents reported to us in the last week.”

“We have increased high visibility patrols in hotspot areas and I would encourage any local residents who have any concerns to please speak to our patrolling officers who will be able to provide reassurance.”



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