Recycle Week: Wigan Borough joins the big recycling hunt

Wigan Council representatives have issued a reminder to residents about the importance of recycling as the authority joins others across the country in supporting Recycle Week.

The local authority is taking part in the ‘big recycling hunt’ – a nationwide effort to identify the items that most commonly go straight in the black bin but could actually be recycled.

Culprits like empty aerosols, plastic cleaning product bottles, plastic shower gel or shampoo bottles, plastic pots and tubs, and food tins are in the spotlight.

Councillor Joanne Marshall, lead member for greener Wigan Borough, said: “In Wigan Borough, our recycling rates are strong and we’re really grateful to our residents for their hard work which contributes directly to these figures.

“But we can always go one step further. It can be really easy for items from the bathroom especially to just get thrown in the black bin and forgotten about instead of going in the brown bin to get recycled.

“Recycling is really important, helping to conserve natural resources, reducing pollution and greenhouse gases, and protecting our planet from excess waste.

“We’re asking people to spend a moment this week and see if there are any extra items that could go in the recycling and help us all do our part for our planet.”

Now in its twentieth year, Recycle Week is the nation’s biggest annual celebration of recycling.

Council officers are encouraging the borough’s residents to continue to recycle empty aerosols, shampoo bottles and food tins, while keeping plastic bags, washing up tubs and food pouches in the black bin where they belong.

Craig Stephens, campaign manager for Recycle Now, added: “By recycling even better we can have a big impact on our environment.

“In Wigan Borough, it’s no different – more and more people are recycling, so the next step is to make sure we hunt down these missed items and get our recycling right.

“So come on, Wigan Borough, keep up the great work and let’s make recycling better than ever before!”

Recycling doesn’t have to be confusing.

  • Find out what can be recycled in Wigan Borough
  • Find out more about Recycle Week (external link).

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