Prepare to cast your vote: Enrol, submit your application and don’t forget your ID.

In the upcoming local elections on Thursday, May 2, voters in Bolton will have the opportunity to cast two votes – one for their council representative and another for the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

New regulations now require voters to show a valid photo ID when voting at a polling station. Accepted forms of ID include passports, driver’s licenses, and certain concessionary travel passes like older person’s bus passes. Expired IDs are also acceptable as long as the voter is still recognisable.

For those without accepted forms of ID, a free Voter Authority Certificate can be applied for by the deadline of 5pm on Wednesday, April 24.

Those unable to make it to a polling station can consider applying for a postal vote or assigning someone to vote on their behalf through a proxy vote. The deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm on Wednesday, April 17, and proxy vote applications must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday, April 24.

To participate in the elections in May, individuals must be registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday, April 16. It is advised to double-check registration status, ensure valid ID, and apply for postal or proxy votes if necessary.

Sue Johnson, Chief Executive of Bolton Council and Returning Officer for the election, emphasised the importance of ensuring all eligible voters have the opportunity to participate. Further information and application links can be found on the council’s website.

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