Penalties for illegal dumping expected to rise as part of crackdown effort.

Fly-tipping trouble spots in Wigan are under scrutiny as fines for dumping rubbish illegally are set to rise. The council has already handed out six fines in a popular hotspot, collecting a total of £1,400 through proactive enforcement efforts.
The council is ramping up efforts to tackle environmental crimes, with the launch of the Keep It Clean campaign last year. Starting in April, fines for fly-tipping could more than double to £1,000. The council has also invested in a network of cameras to target areas prone to environmental crimes and ensure offenders face consequences.
Councillor Paul Prescott, responsible for planning, environmental services, and transport, stated: “Fly-tipping is a blight on our environment, posing dangers to people and wildlife, and damaging our community pride. We are proposing to increase fines to £1,000, the maximum allowed by law. This sends a clear message that fly-tipping is unacceptable and will be taken seriously in our borough.”
In addition to fines, the council has the power to prosecute those who ignore warnings. One individual was recently ordered to pay over £1,200 after admitting to fly-tipping in January.
Coun Prescott highlighted the cost of clearing litter and fly-tipping, estimated at £4 million annually. The Keep It Clean campaign aims to make responsible disposal easier for residents, offering two free bulky waste collections per year. However, the council warns that offenders will face enforcement action.
Residents are urged to use licensed waste carriers when disposing of items to avoid fines for illegal dumping. For more information, visit Help to Keep It Clean.

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