Pair Imprisoned for Robbing Stockport Petrol Station

Two men have been incarcerated for their involvement in a petrol station heist in Stockport.

An inquiry conducted by the Stockport Division of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has culminated in a prison sentence for Jordan Farran (born on 20/06/1990) and Glen O’Donnell (born on 12/06/1985), who were convicted of robbing a Morrisons petrol station in Bredbury on 16th September 2021.

Today, on 10th August 2023, Farran and O’Donnell made an appearance at Minshull Street Crown Court, where they were both handed four-year prison terms subsequent to their earlier guilty pleas for the robbery.

The incident was captured on CCTV footage, revealing the entry of two men into the Morrisons petrol station, armed with a golf club. Once inside, the duo employed intimidation tactics to coerce the staff into surrendering cash and a quantity of cigarettes, before making a hasty escape under the cover of darkness.

The CCTV recordings also documented their escape, allowing investigative officers to identify the vehicle used in their getaway as registered to Farran.

Farran was subsequently apprehended on 18th September 2021 on suspicion of robbery. He was taken into police custody and his mobile phones were confiscated.

Upon scrutiny of the devices, digital evidence emerged which indicated that Farran had journeyed to O’Donnell’s abode on the night of the robbery. Together, they then proceeded to Stockport. This evidence contradicted Farran’s initial alibi during questioning, wherein he claimed to have been at home throughout the evening. When pressed about the phone data, he was unable to account for his phone’s movements.

Subsequently, officers scrutinised the CCTV footage from the vicinity of the petrol station, revealing two men resembling the defendants arriving by car a brief walk away from the scene on the night of the robbery. The pair were observed exiting the vehicle and strolling towards the petrol station, with their hoods raised.

Once inside, they carried out the armed robbery, menacing store employees with violence and absconding with a sum of cash along with approximately 200 cartons of cigarettes.

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