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Oldham protecting “the extremely vulnerable” from COVID

Local council and GPs vaccinating the homeless and elderly

The town of Oldham is doing its part to protect “the extremely vulnerable” in the community.

Council and GPs in the region are looking to vaccinate the homeless along with people over 80 from the coronavirus.

Dr. Zahid Chauhan is organising a new clinic to vaccinate those most at risk of getting COVID.

He’s responsible for health and social care in Oldham.

Chauhan who’s also an Oldham councilor says it’s the “human thing to do.

30 people received the COVID vaccine at the Depaul UK shelter recently.

“These are the most extremely vulnerable people, the life expectancy is 43, 45, there is a reason why their life expectancy is so low,” says Chauhan.

“You don’t give up on people because they don’t have resources and they have not been privileged like me and you.

“You don’t give up, that’s not what we do as British, these are not our British values. We help people, we pull them together.”

46-year-old Lee Ullha is one of the vulnerable who recently got the vaccine.

He and his partner, 38-year-old Kelly Heney were living in a park when COVID broke out about 10 months ago.

Ullha says he’s happy he got vaccinated.

“We got evicted when this Covid thing kicked in, so we didn’t really watch TV, so we didn’t really know much about it.

“It’s scary, especially with the new strain of Covid, I don’t think people take it as serious as it is, you see people walking round without their masks and they’re all saying, ‘It’s not a real thing, it’s all make-believe.’

“It’s for your own safety,” says Ullha.

More vaccinations will be happening in the weeks to come. (JSL).

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