Manchester Man in Court over Baby Manslaughter Charges

Rochdale resident, Terence McArthur, appeared in court today charged with a 40 year old manslaughter case.

In 1976, Terence McArthur allegedly killed an infant, Tracey McArthur, in Plymouth. Police ruled this death as manslaughter. McArthur, 66, appeared in Manchester Magistrates’ Court today for this manslaughter of a baby almost 40 years ago.

Now, due to the severity of the charges, McArthur remains in custody. Next, he will attend Exeter Crown Court for a preliminary hearing. At this time, there have been no pleas or applications for bail.

Mark Hadfield, the District Judge, claims that this trial can only be conducted in the Crown Court. This is because McArthur has the right to trial by jury and because it is a severe crime.

It is likely that he will face a seven-day trial in July 2021.

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