Low-cost housing initiative given go-ahead

A housing development that will provide numerous affordable apartments as part of a delivery program by Wigan Council has taken a step forward. Logwood Place in Newtown, which will consist of 74 one and two-bedroom apartments available for affordable rent, received approval from the cabinet in December. The plans involve demolishing the current buildings in order to create modern, appealing, and sustainable council housing in the borough. Wigan Council has already consulted with current tenants and residents of Logwood Place and the surrounding area, and the proposals have received overwhelmingly positive support. The council has now submitted a planning application for the redevelopment, and if approved, work is expected to begin later this year. Councillor Susan Gambles, who oversees housing and welfare, expressed the council’s ambition to provide high-quality, sustainable, and accessible homes in the borough. The proposed redevelopment will consist of 67 one-bedroom apartments, two fully wheelchair accessible one-bedroom apartments, and five two-bedroom apartments, based on expert assessment and consultation with tenants and residents. Last year, approximately 30 families and individuals resided in Logwood Place, and the council has been working to find them alternative homes with the assistance of a dedicated rehousing officer. The complex redevelopment has received grant funding from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, as well as contributions from the council. Councillor Gambles expressed excitement for the project and thanked the tenants and residents of Logwood Place and the surrounding area for their cooperation and support.

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