Local Council Implements Measures to Curb Unruly Conduct at Apartment Complex

Officials from Trafford Council have taken decisive steps to address the issue of anti-social behaviour at a vacant block of flats in the Old Trafford area. Aura Court has become a haven for drug addicts and thieves ever since a significant portion of the building was closed off in August 2020 due to a deteriorating fire escape that did not meet safety standards. The building has since been plagued by various forms of anti-social behaviour, including drug use and theft from unoccupied homes. In response, Trafford Council, in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police, obtained a closure order for Aura Court on 22 December. To further secure the premises, the council has implemented measures such as the installation of steel sheeting. Moving forward, the council is working with the Greater Manchester Fire Service and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to establish a mutually agreed plan for rectifying the building’s non-compliant aspects. It is hoped that this will eventually allow the flats to be reopened for residents. Councillor Rose Thompson, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Communities and Safety, emphasised the importance of ensuring the safety of residents and communities by taking action against anti-social behaviour. She expressed gratitude for the close collaboration with Greater Manchester Police in properly securing the building. Councillor James Wright, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Regeneration, expressed disappointment that the flats have been subjected to disorder and neglect despite the high demand for decent housing. He affirmed the council’s commitment to working with partners to fully restore occupancy of the building.

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