‘Leigh is our Pride and Joy’ comes to life

Plans to revamp Leigh town centre with a £32 million cash injection are starting to come together, as Wigan Council has unveiled designs showcasing an exciting future for the town centre.

Last year, Wigan Council received £12 million from the Levelling Up Fund to implement a bold regeneration scheme in Leigh town centre over the next two years.

The scheme involves revamping Leigh Market, enhancing the public spaces, and offering business grants to make the town centre more appealing to visitors.

On top of this funding, Leigh has been granted £20 million over the next decade through the government’s Long-Term Towns fund.

The Government has outlined guidelines for the Long-Term Towns Fund to ensure transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds to address the priorities of local residents.

Councillor Keith Cunliffe, Deputy Leader of Wigan Council, expressed excitement about the project, aiming to bring tangible improvements to Leigh and establish it as a thriving town centre at the heart of the community.

Karen Cox, Chair of the Leigh Innovation Board and manager of the Spinning Gate shopping centre, highlighted the exciting times ahead for Leigh town centre and the collaborative efforts of businesses, public entities, and third sector organisations in advocating for the town.

The establishment of a Town Board, comprising community leaders, employers, local authorities, and the local MP, is mandated by the Government to develop a unified vision for the town and oversee the funding.

Local businesses are eager to contribute to the regeneration project and ensure a prosperous future for Leigh town centre.

For more details on the plans for Leigh, visit the Leigh Regeneration Project webpage.

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