International Women’s Day: Oldham Council Leader reveals plaque at significant location in the battle for equal rights

On International Women’s Day, the Leader of Oldham Council revealed a plaque at a significant site in the fight for equality. The field in Lydgate is believed to be where the women’s Suffrage movement began, with a meeting held in 1818 proposing that women should have the right to vote. The unveiling of the plaque, attended by Councillor Arooj Shah, highlights the historical importance of this event in British political history. This momentous occasion, dating back over 200 years, serves as a reminder of the progress made by pioneering women in Oldham and across the country. The inscription on the plaque commemorates the first recorded instance of women being given the opportunity to vote in a political meeting, organised by Samuel Bamford. This unveiling ceremony on International Women’s Day honours the legacy of those who fought for gender equality.

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