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How Will The Weather Be On Christmas Day?

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Christmas is almost coming. Nowadays people are busy with last-minute Christmas shopping and final plans with coronavirus restrictions. So, what is the weather going to be like on Christmas day? Here are all you need to know for every region.

One of the most frequent questions is whether or not Christmas will be white in 2020. According to the Met Office, probably it won’t be. Across the region, around 5C degrees are expected this week.

Here are all expectations for the weather on Christmas day for every region :


Temperatures are expected to be around 6C with sunshine in the morning that is followed by light showers in the evening.


Around 5C degrees is expected for Bury. For the morning, a mixture of sunshine and cloudy weather and spells of rain for the evening.


The average temperature will be 4C degree. The weather for Oldham will be mostly cloudy. For the evening, there is potential for light showers.


With some sunshine in the morning, the temperature will be around 6C degree.


Around 6C degree is expected. Cloudy for most of the day.


Temperatures are expected around 5C degree. Cloudy with some bright spells around mid-morning.


6C degree is expected. Overcast but with a potential for some sun in the morning.


Cloudy with some sun in the morning and around 6C degree is expected.


Temperatures will be around 5C. Cloudy with sunshine in the morning. Rain is expected for the evening.


Around 5C degree. Some sunny outbreaks are mid-morning.

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