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In October 2014 new legislation was introduced that allowed local authorities to apply for PSPOs. A single PSPO can cover multiple restrictions and in 2018 the council introduced a PSPO in Rochdale town centre that prohibits drinking alcohol on the street, driving or using a car in an antisocial manner, obstructing the highway or loitering, and other antisocial activity.

The proposed new PSPO will allow the council to take action against anyone consuming alcohol away from licensed premises and the antisocial use of mechanically propelled vehicles (MPVs), anywhere in the borough. These vehicles are usually known as motocross bikes, pitbikes, quad bikes and mini-motos. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 will be issued to anyone caught contravening the order.

Kuiama Thompson, director of public health and communities, said:

“We are committed to creating a borough that residents can be proud of. We have listened to your reports of antisocial behaviour and now urge you to complete the survey.

“The survey should only take a few minutes to complete, or you can attend one of our drop-in sessions which will give you the opportunity to discuss the proposals, and if you want help to complete the survey. We really do want to gather your opinions on the proposals of this PSPO and we thank you for taking the time to complete it.”

Drop-in sessions are being held on the following dates:

You can complete the survey online by Tuesday, 25 June 2024.

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