Government supports reconstruction of Bolton school

The School Rebuilding Programme, which focuses on improving the conditions of school and sixth-form college buildings across England, has selected Thomasson Memorial Special School for a much-needed rebuild. This school is unique in its support for children from multiple local authorities with complex needs. Unfortunately, maintenance issues, including flooding from a burst pipe, have disrupted learning and forced the school to temporarily relocate. This incident led to a petition signed by 486 parents and the National Deaf Children’s Society, urging for a complete rebuild of the school. Additionally, asbestos was discovered, further necessitating a temporary relocation. However, now that the school’s inclusion in the rebuilding program has been confirmed, it will move to more suitable temporary accommodation while awaiting a timetable for the rebuilding works. Headteacher Lisa Lane expressed her satisfaction with the Department for Education’s understanding of the school’s challenges and their commitment to creating a new building that will support the students’ learning journey. Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Martin Donaghy, also expressed his delight at the recognition that the current school building is no longer suitable and praised the collective effort in achieving this decision.

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