Four Found Guilty Guilty For The Death Of Steven McMyler: “He Was Killed For His Rolex Watch”

Two men and two teenage boys have been found guilty for killing Steven McMyler during a conspiracy to rob a high-value watch in the city centre of Wigan last August. Steven McMyler, aged 34, died last year after the offenders tried to stole his Rolex watch worth an estimated £13,000.

After a five-week trial at Manchester Crown Court, the jury found Lewis Peake, 30, Michael Wilson, 20, and two boys, aged 17 and 14, guilty of manslaughter and conspiracy to rob for the incident on Thursday 6 August 2020.

Detective Chief Inspector Cheryl Chatterton, Senior Investigating Officer, said: “Thankfully justice has today been served for Steven and his family who have gone through the most unimaginable heartache in the last nine months – not only losing Steven in horrendous circumstances but then to relive it all through this trial.”

“While today is justice for them, they will still not be able to get complete closure on this case until the final defendant faces trial in November later this year, where they will undoubtedly go through that trauma again. Their strength has been admirable and our thoughts remain with them.”

“Steven was killed just because he was wearing a valuable watch and these four offenders have now been recognised for the crimes that they have committed. They may have gone to Wigan that day to rob Steven’s belongings, but they ultimately have robbed him and his loved ones of his life, and for that, I am satisfied knowing that they will now be punished.”



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