Expanding Horizons: Astonishing Arboreal Adventure Arrives in Bolton

\"JasonTREES, the latest project by the creative team “Things That Go On Things”, is set to arrive at Smithills Hall on Friday, 16th February and Victoria Square on Saturday, 17th February.

Both events will run from 4pm to 8pm and will showcase a blend of illuminating installations, animation, films, dynamic projections, puppetry, and traditional storytelling.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to listen to innovative audio recordings inspired by the electronic signals emitted by real trees.

The artwork revolves around six tree stumps that will begin to emit a soft glow as darkness falls, followed by the projection of vast forests and their canopies onto nearby buildings.

The installation will be accompanied by a creative booklet brimming with activities, stories, and characters to captivate the audience.

TREES delves into the lessons we can learn from the activity both above and below the surface of the earth, encouraging us to become a more compassionate society that cares for our fellow humans and the planet.

This installation comes just a week after Bolton Council unveiled plans to plant 12,000 new trees in collaboration with local volunteers at City of Trees.

Cllr Nadeem Ayub, Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Culture, commented:

“This awe-inspiring installation promises to create an indelible memory for families and visitors of all ages.

“Events of this nature take full advantage of our most beloved public spaces, offering cultural experiences that are accessible to everyone.

“We are dedicated to making Bolton a cleaner and greener place, and this artwork will serve as a reminder of just how vital trees are.”

The event is free to attend and no reservations are necessary.

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