Election outcomes for the Salford Quays constituency officially announced

The outcome of the Quays ward election has been announced.

Paul Heilbron, the candidate for the Liberal Democrats party, has emerged as the victor in the Quays by-election of 2024.

The voter turnout for the election, which took place on Thursday 11th January 2024, stood at 12.3%, with a total of 985 votes cast. Furthermore, 8 ballot papers were rejected.

The votes were distributed as follows, listed in alphabetical order:

– Paul HEILBRON, representing the Liberal Democrats party, received 540 votes.
– Elizabeth MCCOY, representing the Labour party, received 321 votes.
– Andrea JOSEPHINE ROMERO O’BRIEN, representing the Green party, received 124 votes.

This by-election was organized subsequent to the resignation of a Liberal Democrat councillor on 23rd November 2023.

The political composition of the council remains unchanged:

– Labour: 49 seats
– Conservative: 8 seats
– Liberal Democrat: 1 seat
– Independent: 2 seats

To access the results online, please visit the designated webpage.

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