DfE reveals Stockport’s RAAC-impacted schools included in the School Rebuilding Programme

St Thomas’ CofE Primary School and Bramhall High School have been included in the School Rebuilding Programmes after it was discovered that they had RAAC in their buildings. The Department for Education made the announcement, providing reassurance that these schools will be able to continue providing a safe and secure education for their students. The details and timescales for the rebuilding projects have yet to be released. Both schools have been working hard to ensure that teaching spaces are clean and fully resourced, and extra-curricular activities are back up and running. The headteachers of both schools expressed their gratitude for the dedication and resilience shown by their staff and students. Measures were taken to minimize disruption to education following the discovery of RAAC, including busing students to alternative sites for lessons and a mix of online and in-person teaching. Thanks to the teamwork of everyone involved, students have been able to return to school quickly and continue their education face-to-face. The schools and their staff have gone above and beyond to ensure the safe return of students, and the council and other partners have been instrumental in resolving the RAAC situation.

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