Council’s triumph in bolstering the charitable sector

A new report has revealed that a Council initiative to bolster the voluntary sector in Trafford has been a roaring success. The Trafford VCFSE strategy, a five-year plan to fortify and establish a sustainable Voluntary, Community, Faith, and Social Enterprise sector in Trafford, has been gaining momentum and has helped the VCFSE become a prominent sector in the borough.

With over 1,622 voluntary and community organisations in Trafford contributing approximately £139 million to the economy, and a staggering 34,062 volunteers supporting the VCFSE sector, the impact of these groups is undeniable.

Notable successes in Trafford include the Trafford Community Hubs, which have supported over 9,330 residents directly and provided emergency assistance to 2,301 residents. The Coordinated Volunteering Support programme saw an average of 327 volunteers each month assisting the Community Hubs, while Thrive Trafford has facilitated collaboration within the sector and represented Trafford at a Greater Manchester level.

The Trafford Community Collective, a membership-based organisation representing the VCFSE sector, has played a crucial role in the development of the new Integrated Care System for Greater Manchester.

Cllr Rose Thompson, Executive Member for Communities and Safety at Trafford Council, expressed her delight at the success of the Trafford VCFSE strategy, highlighting the invaluable contributions of the sector to the borough. With such a strong and dedicated VCFSE sector, Trafford is well-equipped to support its communities and vulnerable residents.

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