Council Tax In Rochdale Will Increase In April

Even the council leader declared his ambition for across the board freeze, council tax in Rochdale will increase by 1.99% in April.

According to the latest agreement, council tax in Rochdale will increase by 1.99% for the general purposes element and 3% for adult social care in April.

Last year in July, the leader of Rochdale Council, Allen Brett said that he didn’t want to increase the tax that people had already been hit by the pandemic. But even his speech, an increase will be signed off by the cabinet next week.

The increase in the council tax means many residents of Rochdale will pay an extra £29.47 per year in total. It is expected that local residents are likely to meet the new tax with an angry reaction.

Councillor Brett talked about the reason for the increase in council tax and said: “Because the government would not give us any money directly for social care, they just loaded it on council tax and other services, and they have not paid us back fully for Covid. The only way to stop us getting into financial difficulties was to recommend a rise of the maximum we were allowed to do.”





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