Council Chief unveils most formidable fiscal challenge ever

Trafford Council Leader, Tom Ross, has described the task of setting next year’s budget as one of the most challenging in his political career. Despite facing significant financial constraints, the budget aims to uphold the Council’s vision of creating a thriving borough for all residents, businesses, and communities. The allocation of funds will benefit various sectors such as schools, roads, towns, leisure centers, students with special needs, and vulnerable adults. Despite the substantial funding cuts, the Council remains committed to investing in social care, improving infrastructure, and promoting active travel. However, Cllr Ross cautioned that there may be future difficulties, as the Council had to make £18m in savings and increase council tax this year to balance the budget. Without fairer funding from the government, the Council predicts having to find even more savings in the coming years. Despite the challenges, the Council has a revenue budget of £217.83m for 2024-25 spending and a capital budget of £154.56m over the next three years. The proposed budget, including a 2.99% rise in council tax and an additional 2% increase in the social care precept, will be presented to the Council Executive and the full Council for approval.

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