Bolton Museum summer exhibition brings birds to life

Museum 1Running from June 29 to November 3, the immersive exhibition will offer things for all the family, from captivating wildlife films, drawing activities and trails to a life size bird hide.

The Birds of Bolton exhibition has been inspired by a recent donation of a large collection of sketchbooks by artist and naturalist, Eric Gorton (1929-2001).

Dating from 1947 to 1998, the sketchbooks are the record of a lifelong love of birds and other wildlife.

Gorton’s drawings capture the rich diversity of Bolton’s bird population showcasing their shapes, colours, behaviours and habitats.

The work of contemporary artists Kirsty Yeomans, Mark Lightowler and Lesley Young will also be displayed at the exhibition.

Lesley Young’s nature-inspired paintings are recently gaining traction, with her work also being proudly displayed in Manchester Art Gallery.

The immersive exhibition will offer an exciting programme of events, including nature walks and exhibition tours with the museum’s current curator of natural history, a role Eric Gorton previously held.

There will also be a series of children’s events and films, art workshops, a poetry evening and several talks by Russ Hedley from Nature Walks and Talks which will explore Bolton’s birds through local locations.

Sam Elliot, Head of Service for Bolton Library and Museum, said:

“Eric Gorton spent over fifty years filling sketchbooks with the most brilliant observations of local wildlife, full of wonder, curiosity and surprise.

“We hope that by showcasing his art in our summer exhibition we will inspire people to discover Bolton’s natural environments for themselves.”

The summer exhibition is free for the public, with no booking required. You must be over the age of 16 to attend the Poetry Night event.

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