Bolton Drink-Driver Jailed After Killing the Nurse

Craig Mossop,51, killed a 50-year old nurse in a car accident on 23 August 2020. Due to the accident, he admitted causing the death of the nurse and serious injury by dangerous driving with alcohol.

On the day of the incident, Craig Mossop did not kill only Susan Jackson, a 50-year old nurse, also injure another pedestrian after running a red light. CCTV cameras show that Mossop was driving its Land Rover alcohol dangerously.

CCTV showed that while he was drunk and driving the car dangerously, he mounted the pavement and drove it along the pavement around 130 ft (40m) before he hit Mrs. Jackson. After Mrs. Jackson, Craig Mossop did not stop and hit John Devaney and injured him.

Bolton Court sentenced Craig Mossop on 16 November 2020 and he has been jailed for nine years for the death of the nurse and injuring other pedestrians with dangerous driving. Also, he was banned from driving for more than 14 years.

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