After Gas Leak, A Family Were Evacuated From Their Home In Wigan

Today, a family were evacuated from their home after a gas leak at a property on Scot Lane, Wigan. According to the first investigation, the gas leak was caused by an electrical fire.

After the report of the gas leak, three adults and one child were evacuated from the property with the help of fire crews.

Crew manager Michael Fairhurst said: “Firefighters isolated the cause and made it safe. This was the main feed going into the meter and it had an issue that blew a hole into the property gas pipe. One child and three adults had to be evacuated from the house and they were all okay. Nobody else had to be evacuated.”

Crew Manager also warned on the importance of having a working smoke detector and said “: “It’s really important to be aware as it could potentially be a life-threatening situation.”



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