A Teenager Has Been Jailed For Possessing Converted Imitation Firearm In Trafford

A teenager from Wythenshawe has been sentenced to over three years for possession of a firearm, ammunition and a breach of his bail conditions. The court heard that the teenager was seen by police while responding to the reports of coronavirus breach last December.

Keaton Winder was sentenced to three years and seven days in prison at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court. Police firstly realised Winder while in a report of COVID-19 breach due to his suspicious behaviours.

Detective Constable Dave Jarvis, of GMP Trafford’s Challenger Team, said: “Winder was unable to evade the attention of responding officers that night who did an excellent job in acting on their suspicions before our police dog ultimately sniffed out the firearm that Winder was trying, and failed, to hide.”

“Winder had not been a juvenile when he was pulled up for this offence then he could have been looking at even longer in jail, and this is a reminder to anyone out there who thinks it’s acceptable to have such firearms because they look like legal imitation guns that it absolutely isn’t and we will ensure that you are taken from the streets.”



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