15-Year Sentence Handed to Self-Proclaimed ‘Bossman’ Following Conviction for Drug Conspiracy and Assault in Manchester

Unveiling the contents of Waqar Hussain's mobile phone provided a revealing glimpse into a sequence of messages, self-indulgent bed selfies, and boastful social media posts, all of which orchestrated his eventual downfall.

Waqar Hussain (born 08/08/92) hailing from Corbett Street, Rochdale, conceded his guilt in relation to a complex web of offences including conspiracy to distribute cocaine and diamorphine, possession of a firearm, possession of illicit assets, and committing an assault that resulted in actual bodily harm.

The sentence pronounced upon him amounts to a substantial 15 years of imprisonment.

Hussain’s illicit pursuits commenced to unravel in September 2021, triggered by a vigilant bailiff collaborating with local police officers. The trigger? A VW Golf that bore an outstanding DVLA fine. The subsequent vehicle inspection uncovered false registration, prompting the commencement of a recovery process. During this retrieval procedure, Hussain approached officers, initially asserting the vehicle’s ownership by a friend, but subsequently acknowledging it as his own.

Instructed to liaise with the recovery company to address pending matters, suspicions emerged when an individual contacted the company under the pretence of retrieving their child’s shoes from the vehicle. This led to a police investigation at the DVLA compound, revealing not footwear, but rather a substantial stash of crack cocaine and heroin valued at £14,000.

As the year progressed, Rochdale detectives, embroiled in investigating a series of gang-related incidents, shifted their focus towards Waqar Hussain.

The execution of a search warrant on Tuesday, 7th December 2021, at his residence unveiled a loaded firearm and approximately £10,000 worth of class A drugs, strategically concealed atop a tailpipe in his vehicle. His bedroom bore witness to the discovery of nearly £18,000 in cash, high-end apparel, counterfeit Rolex watches, and a pair of mobile phones teeming with countless messages and voice notes alluding to narcotics trade.

The search also unveiled a pivotal key, unlocking a nearby storage unit that harboured drug paraphernalia – scales and discarded wrappings indicative of a substantial inventory of adulterated class A drugs.

During a subsequent interview on 7th December, Hussain chose silence, aside from a prepared statement purporting his innocence, attributing the firearm and drugs in his possession to a setup.

Deeper scrutiny into his financials revealed an absence of recorded income between 2015 and 2022, leaving a conspicuous void to be filled. A thorough investigation by GMP Rochdale Challenger unveiled the vast scope of his narcotics enterprise, culminating in his conviction.

Despite admitting guilt, Hussain challenged the prosecution’s assertion of his central role in the conspiracy. A hearing on Monday, 7th August 2023, at Minshull Street Crown Court featured testimonies from both Hussain and a GMP Drugs expert, delving into the mechanics of commercial supply. The outcome confirmed Hussain’s pivotal position within the conspiracy, elevating him to the gravest echelon of criminal conduct.

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