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Wigan Residents Say: “Help To Save Our Green Space”

Residents in Wigan prepare for battle over council plans to build on green space. The debate on green space started after Wigan Council is thinking about building several one and two-bedroom bungalows for older or disabled people in the region.

Many Wigan residents formed a Facebook group-Help To Save Our Green Space York Street- to save the green space from being built on. The council says they care about the views of the residents but they still believe that the plan is a viable option to meet an increasing need for affordable and supported housing.

Carol Gray, one of the group’s founders, said: “The land they want to build on is beautiful, I bought my house here because of the outlook. We’ve used it for Jubilee parties, kids’ birthday parties, and other events. We’ve not got a pub or a shop near here, it’s our only community asset.”

“We just want the street to stay the same as it is. The development will bring more traffic and people with mobility scooters already struggle and don’t feel safe.”

Jo Willmott, Assistant Director for Provider Management and Market Development said: “The number of people desperately in need of affordable and specialist housing in the borough has increased significantly in recent years. The council is helping to address this shortage by constructing new affordable housing ourselves, including much-needed housing for elderly and disabled people.”

“Of course, if brought forward, this scheme will be subject to a formal planning application and members of the public will be invited to submit their views, which will be considered before the final decision is made as to whether to proceed with the plans.”



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