Update on PoliceWorks computer system from Chief Constable Stephen Watson

Upon taking office as the Chief Constable for Greater Manchester, I committed myself to taking immediate steps to addressing those underlying issues which were undermining our operational performance.  One of the most prominent problems to be resolved related to the PoliceWorks element of the Force’s IT infrastructure, which controls our records management.

It was clear from listening to staff feedback, independent assessment commissioned by the Mayor and HMICFRS, that PoliceWorks was not meeting our requirements, and was hindering our ability to fulfil essential policing tasks. In addition, the contract for the system was signed in 2016 and is due for renewal in June 2023, so we have reached a favourable time to consider change.

Following a lengthy review process involving a technical appraisal and a rigorously evaluated options appraisal, I am confident that we have reviewed every option available to us. I have concluded that, while two-thirds of the original iOPs system is working effectively, PoliceWorks cannot be adapted or fixed to fully meet the needs of our organisation. We therefore intend to move away from the PoliceWorks system and to replace it with a tried and tested product already in use by other forces, rather than the development of bespoke technology.

This decision marks an important step in our plan for a resurgent GMP. I strongly believe the move will provide a lasting benefit to the public, victims and our employees and, based on an assessment of the current market, is likely to be more cost-effective than remaining with PoliceWorks.

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