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Two police officers saved the man’s life

An HGV driver suffered a heart attack at his truck's wheel, and two police officers saved his life.

Shane Sharkey, 49-year-old, lost control of his truck becasue of heart failure, and he hit his car onto the central reservation on the M60.

The crash led to extreme damage in his truck, and CPR was performed for Mr. Sharkey for at least 10 minutes after he removed from the smoking wreckage.

The man was hospitalized at Salford Royal Hospital. Now, according to his doctor, he is ready to recover completely.

Superintendent Richard Timson said: “This was a true act of bravery. Both officers acted swiftly, and their quick thinking saved the driver of the HGV.

“PC Pixton has recently completed police medical training, and PC Geoghegan-Shaw is currently part-way through the course.

“This incident highlights the importance of the skills officers learn on this course, and I’m glad that they were both able to, in a high-pressured situation, but into practice what they had learnt.

“I am proud of the courage and professionalism they displayed.

PC Chris Pixton, one of the hero police, said: “I’m delighted that Shane is now on the road to recovery with the support of his partner.

“This is no doubt one of those defining moments in my job that will stay with me, and I’m thankful that we could make a difference.

“I am also thankful for the additional training of the medic role, as, without it, I wouldn’t have been able to act as I did or have been in possession of the kit that I had.” added.

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