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Repair of computers and peripheral equipment - Company Number: 13031971

Nature of business: Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
Address: 140 Princess Road, Manchester, United Kingdom, M16 7BY
Incorporated on: 19 November 2020
Persons:Mowafak TOMEH
Company Number: 13031971

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  1. Bought a TV from this company. Very good quality product and professional service. I would recommend very highly. 5 stars

  2. A trustworthy company; offering value for money and delivered by reliable and polite staff. I will definitely go to Tomeh again.

  3. Great business, responsive and reliable staff who are very professional. Great customer service dealing with any technical issues. Thank you Tomeh Tech team for your services.

  4. Extremely happy with the quality of the service. He was happy to answer any questions and was very professional. Would highly recommend!

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