Thousands Of Jobs Could Be Lost In Rochdale

According to Rochdale Council, ten thousand jobs could be at risk. Faisal Rana, deputy finance chief for the Rochdale council shared his concern that thousands of jobs could be lost once the government’s furlough scheme ends in April.

The latest figures of HMRC showed that 10,500 employee’s wages are currently being paid under the coronavirus retention scheme. Now, it covers 80% of wages but at the end of April 31, the support package will end.

Faisal Rana said that: “Over ten percent of Rochdale’s workforce is covered by furlough and thousands of them risk being thrown on the dole if the government suddenly ends the scheme at the end of April. That would be a nightmare for the employees and their families and a disaster for our local economy.”

There are reports that chancellor Rishi Sunak is planning to extend the scheme into the summer of next month. Faisal Rana talked about the action of the government and said: “People can’t afford to wait for this government to get their act together. People need emergency action today, not more dither and delay.”

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