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Thick smoke at Trafford Park

Fire services were called to keep the fire under control at Trafford Park this morning.

The fire started just before 12.30 pm on October 19.

Many people shared video footage of the fire at Trafford Park on their social media accounts.

There is no exact information if anyone at the scene has been injured.

According to a spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire Service, a lot of crews from Eccles, Stretford, Gorton and Salford arrived upon the scene.

Another spokesperso, from Greater Manchester Police said: “We were called to a building fire on Trafford Park Road, Trafford Park, on Monday, October 19, at 12.37 pm.

“Fire engines from Eccles, Stretford, Gorton and Salford fire stations quickly attended the scene.

“The fire involved an industrial cooling tower. Crews used two hose reels and one thermal image camera to extinguish the fire.

“The fire service are still in attendance.”

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