The Hub: Cocaine and Cannabis Den Shut Down as Police Raid Reveals £20,000 Drug Stash

A pub where the police claim £20,000 worth of cocaine was discovered, along with a marijuana plantation in the basement, has had its licence revoked. According to council documents, law enforcement officers stated that they acted on intelligence that drugs were openly sold to customers at The Hub on Haslam Street in Bury before raiding the establishment. Upon entering on September 1st, the police found nearly a kilogram of cocaine, as presented to the licensing panel of Bury council. The officers alleged that small quantities of the drug were readily available for sale to customers behind the bar. The police also found snap bags, scales, money, and debt lists in and around the bar area, which they claimed were related to drug sales. The documents presented to the councillors further revealed that traces of substances related to customer preparation were discovered behind the bar area. The hearing also revealed that a cannabis farm with 68 plants was found hidden behind a false wall in the basement. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) applied for the permanent revocation of The Hub’s premises licence, asserting that the establishment was associated with serious crime and disorder. The licensing panel, consisting of councillors, convened on September 28th and decided to revoke the pub’s licence. This decision confirmed interim measures taken at a previous meeting on September 8th. Sgt Andrew Vernon of Greater Manchester Police presented evidence to the panel, explaining that Operation Golf was GMP’s response to targeting Organised Crime Groups (OCG) based in Bury, focusing on the supply of cocaine. He stated that it was believed that drugs were being sold to patrons over the bar. The police executed a search warrant on September 1st, during which they discovered evidence of cocaine supply, including three-quarters of a kilogram of cocaine, snap bags, scales, a debtors list, and cash. The cocaine was found in various locations within the premises, including behind the bar, where small quantities had already been prepared for sale. The search also led to the discovery of a cannabis farm in the basement, equipped with lighting and heating equipment for cultivation. The officers found 68 cannabis plants hidden behind a false wall, which were in the drying phase of production. Additionally, it was found that the electricity at the property had been tampered with. Other evidence presented to the licensing panel included a complaint from a resident of Haslam Street, stating that the pub attracted unsavoury characters and caused noise disturbances that prevented the residents from keeping their windows open. A spokesperson from GMP confirmed that following the raid, a man was arrested and charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to supply, and production of cannabis. He is scheduled to appear at Manchester Crown Court on October 13th.

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