The government’s energy rebate explained

Recently, the government announced that households in council tax bands A to D will receive a £150 energy rebate.

This does not need to be paid back and is to support families with the rising cost of living particularly increasing energy costs.

The rebate will be a separate payment to households, rather than a deduction from council tax bills. Council tax bills will reference the energy rebate and will be supported by a government published information leaflet.

If you currently pay your Council Tax via Direct Debit, the Council will be able to use your bank details to pay the £150 energy rebate directly into your bank account. Once bank details are verified by the Council, you will not need to do anything as the Council will make the payment automatically. This will be the quickest and easiest way for you to receive the £150 energy rebate. If you don’t currently pay by Direct Debit and wish to do so, you can make the switch to Direct Debit here. You will be issued with an amended Council Tax bill when the Direct Debit instructions have been added to your account.

For those households who do not pay via Direct Debit, there is likely to be an application process to claim your energy rebate. Whilst the council will make every effort to ensure applications are processed quickly, this will take longer to verify and pay the £150 energy rebate to you.

Council Officers are reviewing government guidance received on Wednesday 23rd February to understand how government intend the energy rebate to be administered by the council. Further detail will be provided on the council’s website.

Discretionary support will also be available for vulnerable households who may not qualify for the £150 council tax rebate. This includes people on low incomes in council tax bands E to H. Further information will be provided on the website once the scheme has been agreed.

For further information on the full range of support available to families struggling with the cost of living crisis, visit the Stockport Council support pages.

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