The father of two children from Bury was accused by plotting a drone strike on the British Army.

Hisham Muhammad, 26 years old and a former chicken shop worker, has been charged with a drone strike on the British Army or police.

Hisham Muhammad has been charged with having a stash of weapons and devising a contraption with lollipop sticks to drop a small drone projectile.

He was married and father-of-two, but he was arrested in June 2018 after his landlord saw spotting blades, a tub of wires and a soldering iron at his home in Bury.

Hisham Muhammed has denied that he didn’t organize any terrorist attack.

Not only Hisham but also Faisal Abu Ahmed, his cousin and 25-year-old were living together in Victoria Avenue, was cleared of failing to disclose a plot to authorities.

According to the court, Muhammad was interested in guns, and he had collection axes, bear-claws, a tomahawk, a machete, and Japanese ‘ninja eggs’ packed with a broken piece of glass and chili seeds.

His explanation about his offense was that he liked to challenge himself by doing useful household objects like a “coconut hammer” or a “fly zapper.”

Muhammad has admitted that he made £8,000 from the fake escort organization, but he gave most of the money to his husbands and children living in Senegal.

image: Greater Manchester Police

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