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Six people have been arrested due to carrying drugs and weapons

Air rifles and a 12-inch machete were seized in the operation.

Police officers arrested six people in Wigan because they were involved in crime.

British Transport Police and officers seized lots of weapons, drugs, and a sizeable amount of money from Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

A police officer stopped a man who drove a black Mercedes on 8 July in Wigan. The man hid an air rifle in his boot, and he did not have permission to drive because of disqualified.

So the man, 34-year-old, was arrested for driving offences as well as carrying a firearm. At that time, another two people who are a man, 27-years-old, and woman, 38-yeard old, were arrested because they supplied Class A drugs and for being concerned in the supply of drugs. When police stopped the man, he tried to discard drugs, but the police succeed in stopping him, and he was taken into custody. Meanwhile, the woman was aggressive towards the police, but she was also arrested.

Another couple, both 23 years old, was stopped at Wigan North Western railway station, and approximately £10,000 in Scottish notes were found. For these reasons, the couple was arrested for laundering of illicit money and were taken into custody.

A man who carried a 12-inch machete was stopped by officers at Wigan North Western on 13 July, Monday.
Thirteen people were arrested in total in Merseyside and Wigan, and 228 people were stopped and searched.

Kate Wilkinson, an Inspector, said: “Criminals often use children and vulnerable members of the community to transport and supply drugs across Merseyside and the rest of the country, a model known as County Lines drugs supply.”

“Being involved in this type of crime is extremely dangerous. When someone starts moving drugs and weapons from place to place, you never know who you might come into contact with, and you could end up seriously injured if not worse.”

“It is paramount that people living in Merseyside or neighbouring counties tell us if they know who is committing these crimes so we can ensure the safety of our communities.”

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