Significant Rise Of Reported Incıdents To Greater Manchester Police

 GMP announced that there is a significant rise in reported incidents this week. Since Monday, there is a large increase in demand and GMP has plans in place for extra officers to be available this weekend and the week ahead.

Greater Manchester Police are appealing to the public’s help and are planning to use the force only for emergency crime reports this coming weekend to continue its service without any problem.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes said: “There has been a significant increase in calls received into our control room in the last few days, with the majority of those being categorised as a high priority. To help cope with this influx of incidents, we have taken the decision to re-distribute officers from other units to front-line policing, to cope with the extra demand that we are experiencing at this time.”

 “I would ask the public that if you need to report a non-urgent crime, then please consider using our online methods of reporting. These reports are sent straight to our control room and will help reduce the 101 calls waiting time.”

 “As always, the force’s main priority is to keep our local communities safe and we continue to deliver a high standard of policing to Greater Manchester.”



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