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Salford Royal Hospital temporarily closed when Covid-19 virus was detected in some patients and staff

Patients and staff were evacuated to prevent the spread of the outbreak

When coronavirus was detected in some staff and patients, part of the hospital had to be captained. Following this decision by Salford Royal management, infected people were transferred to different hospitals. It was not given information about how many people had contracted the virus under the temporary quarantine and how many staff was sick. Which part of the hospital was closed was a matter of curiosity.

No clear information was given by the hospital as to which section had been closed. But they said the virus had been brought under control and the section that had been closed had reopened. A total of 172 people have died so far at Salford Royal Hospital on 10 June, according to NHS data.

A spokesman for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, which is responsible for managing the hospital, said all measures had been taken and cleared at its hospitals.

“When coronavirus was detected in some patients and staff, we temporarily closed a portion of the mandatory and transferred these patients to different locations. But everything is fine now and the section that was closed has reopened.”

We continue to work after this mandatory procedure. Our activities are continuing according to the covid-19 safe working guidelines.

We’re glad the virus has cleared. The entire medical team has made extraordinary efforts and ensured that our hospital is operational again. They’re all experienced in this. Coronavirus identified patients and staff that came into contact is being investigated. We’re also testing people they come into contact with. We’ll identify them and take control.

At Salford Hospital, it has the second-lowest infection rate in Greater Manchester County, and only 10 out of every 100,000 people have been positive during the past two weeks. The only area where the new incidence rate is lower is Stockport, which has a population of 100,000 and about 6.8 people carry the virus. Tameside has seen 67 new cases in the past two weeks and confirmed that it has the highest rate of infection in the region of 28.7.


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