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Protestors Climbed On To BBC Building

Hundreds gathered yesterday to protest against BBC coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Protestors climbed on the BBC building at Media City.

Protestors claimed that BBC has barely allowed Palestinians a voice in the conflict. They labelled the BBC as “Biased Broadcasting Corporation.”The protestors chanted: “We are not going to stop until Palestine is free.”

The youngest speaker in the protest-a seven-year-old boy- read a poem and said: “I see you Palestine, I know you are not fine. What is happening is so wrong, why has this been going on so long?”

A BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC covered the recent escalation in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians with due impartiality. We reported on, and analysed, its causes, the views of both sides, and the response from the international community.”

“We covered the action taken by Israel and Hamas, making clear the casualties on both sides, and in doing so reflected the complexities of the wider conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.”


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