Police Raid Reveals £20,000 Cocaine Stash and Cannabis Farm in Bar’s Basement

According to town hall documents, the police who carried out a raid on a bar discovered £20,000 worth of cocaine and a cannabis farm in the basement. The officers stated that they had acted on intelligence indicating that drugs were openly being sold to customers at The Hub in Bury.

Upon entering the bar on September 1, the officers found nearly a kilo of cocaine, as stated in the documents. It is alleged in the papers that small quantities of the drug were prepared for sale to customers behind the bar.

Within and around the bar area, the officers found snap bags, scales, money, and debt lists, according to the papers. The police claim that these items were all connected to the sale of drugs. Officers also mentioned that they found traces of substances behind the bar area, which were related to the preparation for serving customers.

The Hub is located on Haslam Street, which is predominantly a residential area close to Haslam Park. A report from an interim licensing hearing conducted by Bury council earlier this month revealed that a cannabis farm with 68 plants was discovered behind a false wall in the bar’s basement.

An application to permanently revoke the bar’s license will be held today (Thursday, September 28) by a licensing panel at Bury council.

Documents published prior to the hearing include evidence from Sgt Andrew Vernon of Greater Manchester Police. He stated: Operation Golf is GMP’s response targeting Organised Crime Groups (OCG) based in Bury and is focused on the supply of cocaine. It is believed that drugs have been sold to patrons over the bar. On September 1, the police executed a search warrant.

During the execution of the warrant, officers found evidence of the supply of Class A drugs, including three quarters of a kilo of cocaine, snap bags, scales, a debtors list, and cash. The cocaine was found in various locations within the premises, including behind the bar where small deals had already been prepared for sale to patrons.

A further search of the premises led to the discovery of a hidden cannabis farm in the basement area, equipped with lighting and heating for cultivation. Officers then found 68 cannabis plants concealed behind a false wall, which were in the drying stage as part of the production process.

Officers also discovered that the electricity at the property had been tampered with. Bury council’s licensing sub-committee held an interim hearing on September 8 and decided to suspend the premises license until a full review hearing could be conducted. The police will push for a closure order.

Other evidence to be presented to the licensing panel includes a complaint from a resident of Haslam Street. The complaint states: I have been a resident of Haslam Street for 30 years. Undesirable individuals are attracted to the place, and the noise from music and loud voices prevents us from opening our windows.

This is unacceptable for a residential street. The street has always been a pleasant and friendly place to live, but it has deteriorated significantly since The Hub opened.

A spokesperson from GMP stated that following the raid, a man was arrested and subsequently charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to supply, and production of cannabis. He is due to appear at Manchester Crown Court on October 13.

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