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Police have seized 20,000 canisters of Nitrous Oxide in Fallowfield

One man has also been arrested.

A man was arrested, and over 20,000 canisters of Nitrous Oxide were seized in Fallowfield.

Police raided a premises.

Nitrous Oxide, known as laughing gas or ‘Noz,’ is a colorless gas, and it can be used in many areas, including an anesthetic, and for pain relief. However, in recent years, Noz has become a recreational drug, but it is very dangerous.

According to experts, it can lead to serious problems, such as falling unconscious because of a lack of oxygen reaching the brain.

According to the legislation in 2016, selling this gas for psychoactive purposes has become illegal.

On their Facebook page, Greater Manchester Police said a man had been arrested in the police raid, and investigations are underway.

image: Greater Manchester Police

They hung a notice on the premises: “Following an intelligence lead policing operation, your Fallowfield Neighbourhood Policing Team has obtained a warrant under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 issued by Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court.

“The aim is to search this property, in its entirety, primarily for evidence to suggest that this establishment, its management, and staff, are illegally supplying Nitrous Oxide canisters and other related paraphernalia to the general public.

“On the display of this notice confirms that such evidence has been located and seized and that a criminal investigation has commenced by Greater Manchester Police and their multi-agency partners.

“Further information on this investigation will be released in due course.


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