Police are searching for a missing man in Stockport

Police are searching for the missing man in the CCTV image.

Police are searching for a missing man in Stockport.

The missing man hasn’t a mobile phone and money.

Police have shared CCTV images of the missing man’s last known movements.

John Wilkinson, 61-year-old, was last seen on Mill Lane in Hazel Grove at around 11 am on October 30.

He is a walker, police said. When we look at the photos, he has taken a tent with him.

Mr. Wilkinson particularly prefers walking in the Peak District and around Poynton Pool and Tytherington, Macclesfield.

He is described as a white and medium/large build man. He also has a shaved head.

Now, police officers and the missing man’s family members wish to reach him healthfully and make sure he is good and safe.

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