Pink Pigeon Sighting Leaves Shoppers in Bury Perplexed: Unnatural Color Raises Concerns for Bird’s Well-Being

The appearance of a pink pigeon has left shoppers in Bury utterly perplexed. The bird, with its uniquely vibrant hue, was sighted on two occasions at the beginning of this month – on September 1st and September 4th.

This remarkable creature stands out effortlessly amidst its dull grey counterparts. However, despite its fun and eye-catching colour, it seems that the pink shade on the pigeon’s feathers is not natural. The RSPB has confirmed that some form of dye or substance must have been responsible for this change in colour. Though the exact cause of the bird’s pinkness remains unknown, it could potentially have an impact on its chances of survival.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA informed the Manchester Evening News, stating, We cannot ascertain whether these birds have been intentionally covered in a pink substance or if they accidentally came into contact with something.

If someone has deliberately painted the feathers of these pigeons, it is a deeply troubling situation as it could lead to health issues, hinder their ability to fly, and render them more susceptible to predators.

Dyes and paints can be toxic to birds and animals, and they would likely attempt to clean off any such substance from their plumage, potentially resulting in ingestion.

The GMP Bury shared information about this unusual bird after its officers spotted it within the town.

Interestingly, this is not the first instance of a pink pigeon being seen in Greater Manchester. In 2019, one was observed in the car park of Ikea in Ashton, and in 2015, a pink pigeon made an appearance in Stockport town centre.

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